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We are an approachable consulting team of entrepreneurs with more than 60 years combined experience and an extensive network of technical experts, universities, manufacturers, designers, developers, investors and customers. We collaborate with outstanding start-ups to make rapid technical and commercial progress in developing and launching game-changing waste-reducing technologies. 

Lawrie has 30 years of entrepreneurial and FTSE100 industrial experience in environmental impact chemistry, intelligent packaging coatings, and reducing food waste.

Co-Founding Partner of L2-P, he is also CTO & Director of Mimica Lab Ltd, joining the founding team in 2017. Mimica is an exciting young business with the technology to radically reduce food waste (awarded 1st prize in Emerging Technologies in Food & Drink by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2019). It is launching its unique cap product in the UK this year, and tag in 2024.

He was previously CEO of Stoli Catalysts and holds directorships supporting a diverse range of start-ups including MPH Music Publishing Ltd, LCM Holiday Lets Ltd, and CMC Ltd.  This followed 8 years as founding COO/CTO, then deputy CEO of Food Freshness Technology group and its main start-up It’s Fresh (, with a valuation of $100m in 2017.

Prior to FFT, Lawrie held senior and management roles over 14 years at the speciality chemicals PLC Johnson Matthey, inventor of the catalytic converter.  Lawrie holds a BSc joint honours in Chemistry and Philosophy (Natural Sciences) from the University of Durham.

Laurence has over 30 years experience leading and launching highly successful system-changing businesses, developing products, brands and leading edge intellectual property, while often holding significant ownership positions.

He has been working with leading global retailers, their suppliers and other world-class businesses throughout his career. He has worked exclusively in the social impact field since 2001.

Among the outstanding companies he has launched and led are Braitrim/Braiform packaging, Greenpac (Greenspun & Greenerthene brands), Independent Living Aids (Mobilease and Adaptable) and latterly Food Freshness Technology (It's Fresh! & NatraLife) to a £100m valuation.

As Co-Founder of L2-P, he has had the lead role in fundraising more than £70m for startups.


During 2018, Laurence became CEO at Mimica,, taking responsibility to lead this breakthrough business, dedicated to reducing food waste, to world-wide commercialisation and on to its first major liquidity event.


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